Why We Need to Diversify the Blood Supply (01:30)

Sickle cell warriors and loved ones encourage blood donations so they can live their best lives. Graphics with voice-over narration make the connections and explain why African Americans in particular are asked to consider giving blood.

Give Blood, Give Life (02:00)

Ashley Singleton donates blood, narrating how easy it is and making a plug for people of color to give so those with sickle cell and thalassemia have their best match. OK to crop out intro/outro segments.


Blood Donor Diversity Montage (09:00)

Collection of videos separated by short, silent Q&A segments. Videos focus on sickle cell, thalassemia, or both, and why blood donor diversity is especially important. Can be played on a loop during blood drives or at other events.

Alicia’s Story (01:15)

Alicia lives with Thalassemia. Hear her plea for others to become blood donors.